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Bulloch Drug

Comforts of Home

The building where Comforts of Home now resides used to be Mountain West Office Supply, owned by Kary Smith. When Staples moved into Cedar City, Kary sold his business to them and the space became available for lease. Chris and Evan Vickers decided it was time to expand their gift, collectible and boutique business. Chris, ever the entrepreneur, decided that she would like to open a home decor store where she could sell home furnishings, furniture, candles, Christmas, etc. They opened Comforts of Home in July 2006. This opportunity has given Chris and her designers more reason to travel the country attending various gift shows looking for special, unique items that their customers would enjoy.

The store is especially known for the many Christmas trees that they decorate each year with ornaments and decorations for sale to the public. While from the outside it looks like Bulloch Drug, The Wood 'N Lace Place and Comforts of Home are three different stores, they are actually operated as one store. This makes it very convenient to operate the businesses as well as for customers to shop in them.

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